102-Year Old Cards Ace

Elsie McLean thought she might have lost her ball on the 100-yard, par-3 fourth hole at Bidwell Park Golf Course in Chico, Calif. That wasn't the case as, instead, the 102-year-old's golf ball found the cup for an ace.

The Chico resident thus became the oldest golfer ever to make a hole-in-one on a regulation-length course. McLean, who used a driver, surpassed the age record of 101 set by Harold Stilson, who got his ace in 2001.

Because of the green's slope, McLean and her playing partners weren't able to see where the ball landed after she teed off. "Where's my ball?" asked McLean.

Her friends, Elizabeth Rake and Kathy Crowder, soon found it in the cup. "I said, 'Oh, my Lord. It can't be true. It can't be true.' I was so excited. And the girls were absolutely overcome," McLean said of her first-ever ace.

"Well, everyone wants a hole-in-one and I said, 'Why can't I have a hole-in -one?' I came within inches once," she told television station KNVN.

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