2010 PGA Show Hot Product List

February 1, 2010. Thousands of attendees stormed the gates at the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando to view and test the latest and greatest golf products. With hundreds of booths, we decided to focus our initial report on the best clubs, putters, wedges, rangefinders and in-home simulators that jumped out.

Adams Golf

Adams Golf

A product's merit is often validated by acceptance at the game's highest levels. With this in mind, you can be confident turning to Adams Golf's range of hybrids. The upstart company from Texas has been making huge waves, claiming the titles of "#1 Hybrids on Tour" and "#1 Hybrid Irons in Golf." They've accomplished this with leading edge designs such as the Idea a7 and a7OS, which are so effortless and forgiving to hit they're making the long-iron a club of the past. Better players will drool over the Idea Pro Black Hybrid - one of the best looking and performing clubs on the market. MSRP: $199.99-$249.99. www.adamsgolf.com

Scratch Golf

Scratch Golf

The founders of Scratch Golf simply wanted to make a better wedge when they got together in 2003 with a few raw club heads and a grinding wheel in their Oregon garage. Those humble beginnings led to a diverse, high-performance club line that's won a slew of awards and played a part in several Tour victories. Carried in competition by stars like Ryan Moore, the company's Tour Custom Clubs (MSPR: $350 per wedge/$2500 for eight-piece set) are hand-crafted to the exact specs a player desires. Not to be outdone, Scratch Golf's 8620 wedge (MSRP: $100) was a 2010 Golf Digest "Hot List" award winner. Casting these clubs from 8620 steel, the softest known, creates the ultimate feel where a golfer needs it most - from 100-yards and in. www.scratchgolf.com

Dancin' Dogg Golf

The home golf revolution has begun with Dancin' Dogg Golf's OptiShot 2010 - a visually stunning, easy set-up, in-home simulator allowing golfers to grip-it-and-rip-it on of the world's greatest courses. Helping people become better players from the comfort of their own living room, OptiShot's proprietary technology and vivid graphics engine rivals $50,000 simulators at a fraction of the cost (MSRP: $399.95). Ever wonder what your clubhead speed is? OptiShot 2010 doubles as a complete swing analyzer with instant feedback on velocity, distance traveled, angle of attack at impact and face contact. www.dancindogg.com

US Kids Golf

Children come in different sizes. So too should their golf clubs. That's exactly where US Kids Golf, the #1 brand in junior golf, comes in. The company's proprietary fitting system matches up the height and weight of a young player with its Ultralight and Tour Series clubs, allowing for equipment which is perfectly suited. Pair this with US Kids' other offerings - top-notch instruction programs, first-class tournaments and well-crafted apparel including gloves, shoes and balls - and you've got a one-stop shop for the burgeoning player in your life. www.uskidsgolf.com


Boccieri Golf

Boccieri Golf's popular Heavy Putter line is now available in three weights - Lite, MID and Heavy - each featuring the company's proprietary design which includes counterbalanced weight in the grip end of the shaft. The unique system forces the body to use its core muscles for a smoother, more consistent stroke. New models consist of traditional and cutting-edge blades and mallets; most available in a black PVD or silver satin finish. The new Lite, MID and Heavy models weigh 600, 750 and 900 grams respectively, compared to conventional putters which are approximately 500 grams. The brand-new Heavy Wedge "Control Series" boasts heavier weight in the grip end of the shaft for enhanced control on full swings and greenside shots. The classically designed, satin-chrome blade wedge is available in three lofts - 52, 56, and 60 - and various bounce options. www.heavyputter.com

UST Mamiya

UST Mamiya, maker of superiorly-designed and technologically-advanced graphite golf-club shafts, introduces the ATTAS International Series and AXIVCore Tour Green models for 2010. Already in play by numerous Tour players globally, the ATTAS line is innovatively engineered with smooth-bending properties and a constant taper design, allowing for optimum energy transference that results in greater distance. Ultra-thin carbon fibers provide unparalleled feel and allows the shaft to maintain shape for consistent, accurate shots. The tip-balanced AXIVCore Tour Green is the latest in the popular Proforce line, providing lower ball flight, reduced spin and better shot-making control without sacrificing feel. Both products incorporate the company's award-winning AXIV technology, a UST Mamiya exclusive, proprietary material that utilizes specific high-modulus carbon fibers woven to optimize stiffness, hoop strength and torsional resistance, resulting in distance and accuracy gains. www.ustmamiya.com