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May 11, 2004. In an effort to infuse a blast of new energy and interest into the recreation of golf nationwide, almostGOLF of Santa Monica, Calif., is introducing an entirely new "off-course" ball and set of training programs for juniors and adults that bring the sport off the fairways and safely into backyards and parks everywhere. And those programs are even being introduced in an increasing number of grade schools, high schools & universities nationwide.

What is almostGOLF?

One-quarter the weight of a regulation ball (13.5 grams), the almostGOLF Trainer ball responds to the golf swing with a limited-distance, true-ball flight and feel, sailing over 100 yards with remarkable accuracy.

almostGOLF ball's unique composition safely allows for golf play in typically uncommon venues, without the dangers of hitting regulation golf balls. The ball's patent-pending technology enables golfers to perform fades, draws and backspins similar to a real ball, but provides the added benefit of being able to play safely off-course in parks, schoolyards, and even backyards. Casual or serious golfers can now effectively work on their game without leaving their own neighborhoods. "Every golfer can and should train every day, no matter where they are," said almostGOLF founder Rob Peterson. "The almostGOLF Ball now makes that possible."

Unprofessional almostGOLFers Tour:

The company is also launching the Unprofessional almostGOLFers Tour, where golfers play over, around and through some of the country's most prestigious college campuses and corporate parks. In fact, the company is working with the Collegiate Golf Alliance setting up "hole-in-one" competitions at 50 college campuses nationwide to help grow each school's golf program. The company plans to expand distribution into Europe and Japan and launch the Unprofessional almostGOLFers Tour soon.

Adding A Pro To The almostGOLF Team:

Driving up their already rising image in the golf accessory industry, almostGOLF has announced the signing of Champions Tour Winner Bob Duval as a spokesman for almostGOLF. "The almostGOLF trainer ball will improve your game - period," says Duval, who will be the experienced voice behind the almostGOLF Trainer and also appear as co-host in the company's instructional video DVD/video launch. "How To Play Golf Off-Course - And Not Get Arrested" is the industry's first video on off-course golf and covers essentials of off-course etiquette, play and practice, including humorous segments like "How to play out of the rough by not mowing your front lawn" and "How to play the elevated tee by using your neighbor's balcony."

almostGOLF products range in price from $12 per dozen to $49 for a bucket of 5 dozen balls and are available at stores like Edwin Watts, Golf Smith, Golf Galaxy, Roger Dunn, Galyans, online at: or by calling 800.998.1077.

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