Amino Vital Pro Charge

June 7, 2007. Pro golfers like Zach Johnson have been able to focus on their golf game with great products that help them with focus and muscle repair. Both are critical components in a golfer's game.

Brands like Amino Vital have products like the new Amino Vital Pro Charge which delivers a surge of 3,600 mg of branched chain amino acids, including arginine and glutamine. (Retail Price: Canister, $39.99; Box of 5 packets, $9.99 Available in Grape.)

An alternate product with the same benefits that also provides hydration is Amino Vital's Ready-to-Drink. Available in new packaging, this drink delivers quick energy while also hydrating the body and helping with muscle repair. (Retail Price: $2.49 Available in Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime)

"I drink at least two to three bottles of Amino Vital during the round," said Johnson. "When the weather's hot I can take seven in one day during one round and I feel great. I drink it especially before, but after my round too. When it comes to exerting energy before going out to a practice it's perfect and it's phenomenal for recovery."

To learn more about Amino Vital Pro Charge and PGA pro-training tips, visit Free samples are available to first-time users.     

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