Angel Fire Set to Become New Mexico’s First Audubon Course

Known as a scenic and wildlife-rich golf course, Angel Fire Resort is in the process of becoming New Mexico’s only Audubon-sanctioned golf course.

Audubon International and the USGA teamed up in 1991 to promote and recognize golf course environmental awareness by calling deserving courses Audubon Sanctuaries. Now Angel Fire will be added to the list.

The resort in its namesake town is now involved the six-step process required for certification. Among those are preserving natural habitat for wildlife and water conservation; Angel Fire is well on its way to meeting all those requirements.

“What makes our course unique is the scenery and amazing wildlife,” said John Greene, golf course superintendent. “We are proud that Audubon International has taken notice. Angel Fire is committed to providing the ultimate golf experience while protecting natural habitat.”

In a state where water is a precious commodity, Angel Fire is on the leading edge of conservation. Course officials will minimize water consumption by using high-efficiency irrigation equipment and improved soil health. In addition, the resort is committed to the continuing health of the lakes and streams located throughout the course.

“The bottom line is the healthier the plants and water are, the healthier the wildlife will be. There is no reason we can’t improve our environment and improve our golf course too.” Greene added.

About Angel Fire Resort

Tucked high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico, Angel Fire is a year-round resort where in winter you can ski, snowboard, tube, bike and cross country ski all on the same mountain. The resort contains a 121-room hotel as well as rental condos and homes. In summer, guests have access to golf, mountain biking, fishing and hiking in the outdoors.

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