Australia Joins World PGA Alliance

The new World PGA Alliance includes organizations representing 56,000 PGA professionals and more than 22,000 PGA-member golf facilities worldwide. The group was formed to establish and guide teaching, playing and educational standards for the golf profession in developing golf territories, and shared best practices in player development for adults and youth.

The alliance is comprised of the Professional Golfers' Associations of America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, Great Britain & Ireland, Japan, South Africa, and Sweden.

"The PGA of America is proud to join its global colleagues in golf in forming the World PGA Alliance, which is an outgrowth of the universal respect that the game of golf holds across cultural and language barriers," said PGA of America president Jim Remy.

"The Alliance is vital to the continued growth of the game and business of golf in emerging golf territories and will reinforce the numerous roles fulfilled by the PGA Professionals in instruction, player development and the business of golf."

Born from the World PGA Conference that began in 2004 and conducted for a third time in April, 2008 in Sydney, Australia, the alliance will be led by the chief executives of the PGA of America, the Professional Golfers' Association (of Great Britain & Ireland) and the PGA of Australia.

A fourth gathering, and the first formal meeting of the new Alliance, will be held during the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., and will include a global symposium on junior golf.

The Alliance's agreement on standards for golf professionals in emerging markets will result in shared membership programs in education, employment, marketing and research with new or existing Professional Golfers' Associations in those countries.

The World PGA Alliance is also sharing best-practice player-development programs such as the United States' "Get Golf Ready" and junior golf content incorporating training on golf skills, rules and etiquette. "The World PGA Alliance is an exciting and important step in the on-going development of golf across the globe, giving the PGAs a platform to influence and drive the game in new and existing golf markets," said Professional Golfers' Association chief executive Sandy Jones.

"The Alliance also fulfils a crucial role in establishing standards across the golf industry, pooling resources and sharing ideas with the long-term aim of strengthening the position of PGA professionals throughout the world as experts in their field right at the heart of golf."

"The PGA of Australia is the most recognisable and respected golf brand in the rapidly expanding Asia-Pacific region, and is recognized as an industry leader that delivers the highest standards across all its programs," said PGA of Australia chairman Geoff Scott. "The establishment of the World PGA Alliance aligns the PGA of Australia with two other immensely powerful entities, further enhancing the value of PGA brand while simultaneously increasing opportunities for PGA members globally."

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