‘Bad Lie’ by John R. Corrigan

By: Pam Cobb

If your top-10 list of favorite things to do include golf and an entertaining book, you are in for a treat as John R. Corrigan’s “Bad Lie” is a must-read.

This fast-paced mystery features golf pro/investigator Jack Austin, who risks his golf career to help a young friend and former caddie, Nash, find out more about his brutally murdered and estranged father.

Combining the everyday life of a PGA Tour player and the pursuit of information leads to drug dealing, an ingenious drug-delivery scheme and even more questions regarding Nash’s father. A rough and tumble investigation – on and off the course – builds with serious threats to Austin’s family and friends. Austin’s subsequent actions bring into play conflicts concerning the Tour’s decorum guidelines. The look inside the PGA Tour is fascinating and realistic.

One subplot concerns Austin’s wife Lisa, whose desire to regain her commentating job intermingles with the parental quilts associated of placing children in daycare so both parents can work. Another deals with frequent partner and friend, Padre, whose lack of confidence and poor playing jeopardize his pro career.

There is a lot more going on in this novel, which is thoroughly researched and well-written. Most importantly, it’s believable. Even the ending is a surprise. It leaves you wanting to get your hands on the next installment in the series.

“Bad Lie” by John R.Corrigan, University Press of New England, 2005, 284 pages, ISBN 13: 978-158465-4

Pamela Frieze Cobb is a Seattle native, former teacher and paralegal who enjoys golf, volunteering, cooking and, unlike her husband, has had a hole-in-one.