Brit Seeking World Record in Courses Played in a Year

World-record hopeful Glenn Turner is celebrating playing 300 different 18-hole golf courses in just 292 days. The 47-year-old from Preston, England, is now into the 10th month of his year-long record attempt and looks set to achieve his target of playing more than 365 courses during that period, despite rainy and windy weather.

Turner has played courses in Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England over the past 10 months and is set to finish his tour on March 31 at Nigel Mansell's Woodbury Park Golf Course in Devon, England.

The professional golf instructor has taken a year off from coaching, left his family behind for 12 months, and traveled across the country in a customized motor home in an attempt to bring a new world record to Britain and raise 1 million pound sterling for the 43 hospices that make up the Association of Children's Hospices and the Rhys Daniels Trust.

After he reached the 100-course mark at Rochester and Cobham Golf Club in Kent, he said, “To achieve this milestone is a fantastic boost. The past 10 months have been hard work on my feet and back, especially as I have walked the equivalent of 80 marathons on the greens so far and drove 16,800 miles in the motor home.

“But I've met so many fantastic people along the way that it has made me even more determined to set the world record and raise a large amount of money for the thoroughly deserving charities. My next milestone will be setting the new world record on March 31."

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