Controversy May Delay Launch of 350-Yard Sonic Launcher by Divnick Golf

January 7, 2005. Designing and patenting the driver technology to hit golf balls 100 yards farther than other clubs might turn out to be the easiest challenge for DivnickGolf. The bigger obstacle may be from golf's governing authorities because of how it affects the essence of the game.

Steve Divnick, President of DivnickGolf explained at a recent news conference, "We hoped to unveil our new driver at the January 2005 PGA Show in Orlando. But threats to the game and subsequent lawsuits may delay that introduction."

Based on a new theory of launch physics, the Sonic Launcher™ not only produces much longer carry, it hits significantly straighter than other drivers.

Franklin James, Senior Editor of was one of the select writers given a chance to hit the Sonic Launcher™ at DivnickGolf's research facility in Ohio. He reports, "I can hardly find words to describe it. The Sonic Launcher™ is pin-point accurate, and blows the doors off the 300-yard marker. I've never been able to hit the ball more than 250 yards, but my first shot with the Sonic Launcher™ carried 310 yards and rolled another 30...right down the middle! I watched some others hit it 375 consistently. But my excitement is tempered by what this driver will do to the average golf course and many of the tournament records."

Divnick says that final retail pricing has not yet been decided, but it will surely set a new high water mark for drivers, probably in the neighborhood of $1,295. Offers to buy the patent rights have already surfaced from one of the major brand manufacturer's who is afraid of losing their market share, and a bidding war has begun between two wealthy Saudi families.

Divnick understands that this new distance will change the nature of a game that is mostly defined by the number of strokes required to reach a green. But he reasons, "If new technology allows golfers to reach a par-4 in one shot, how can it be withheld from the marketplace?"

Franklin James further cautions, "The Sonic Launcher™ is so straight and consistent that the skill of the player will no longer be the most important a factor. While hitting the ball this far is exciting, if allowed to be used, it will dramatically change the very appeal of tournament golf. The pros will be hitting it 400 or more yards and always in the fairway. Why watch if everyone gets the same score? We don't want the flags turning white and waving in surrender every time someone stands at the tee with a Sonic Launcher™! And what would be next? A putter that doesn't miss from 30 feet?"

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