Cybergolf Announces Search Engine for the Golf Industry

Cybergolf, the golf industry leader in online marketing tools, has launched Cybergolf Search ( This new search engine has been designed and developed to fill the missing need for relevant web search results for the golf industry and consumer.

Cybergolf Search is built using Vertical Search Technology (VST), developed by Cybergolf. VST enables refined searching coupled with embedded e-commerce tools. The creation of Cybergolf Search was prompted by growing frustration among golf courses for not being found in mainstream search engines. Golfers have also had difficulty quickly finding relevant results, such as golf courses within specific areas.

"The Cybergolf Search engine that Cybergolf has created is a welcome addition to the online world of search engines. This tool will be a user-friendly mechanism that will make it much easier for golfers to find 'official' golf course websites and accurate golf course information." said Kris Strauss, director of Sales and Marketing for Scottsdale-based OB Sports Golf Management.

The challenge with mainstream search engines is the broad application of search criteria. An example of this is when searching for "Seattle golf courses," a mainstream search engine comes up with over 400,000 results. The first page includes an assortment of news stories, real estate brokers, and third-party tee-time sites, but lacks the information requested not one official website for a Seattle-area golf course appears.

Using patent-pending vertical search technology, Cybergolf Search displays only relevant golf results. With Cybergolf's VST, only relevant websites are sorted and displayed, cutting through thousands of non-relevant listings. In addition to providing specific search results for golf, Cybergolf has integrated unique e-commerce technology in Cybergolf Search. This capability enables golf courses to sell tee times, gift cards, merchandise and tournament registrations within the Search user interface.

"We are very pleased to announce our latest addition to the Cybergolf family of online marketing tools and websites." said Dan Murnan, CEO of Cybergolf, a company based in Edmonds, Wash. "Our clients are looking to maximize their investment in online marketing. Cybergolf Search will enable golf courses to stand out and quickly drive business through the delivery of relevant web search results and e-commerce capabilities. The search and commerce capabilities of Cybergolf Search enhance the entire portfolio of Cybergolf offerings."

With clients in 45 states and five countries, Cybergolf is the established online marketing leader in the golf industry. Cybergolf provides a complete portfolio of online marketing tools that enable golf course managers to launch email marketing programs, integrate e-commerce capabilities and update and build out their respective websites, all through a single intuitive interface. These tools fill an immediate need for golf courses by providing easy-to-use, cost-efficient, and high ROI marketing tools.