Cybergolf Contributor to Lead Seminar About Women Golfers at PGA Show

Nancy Berkley, an expert on women’s golf and a regular contributor to Cybergolf, will present a two-hour seminar at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. Berkley will lead the seminar on Friday morning, January 27th from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

The seminar, entitled Desperate Women Golfers – How to Reach Them and Keep Them, will provide a current and comprehensive look at the women’s golf segment. This year’s seminar will include results from new research studies on women golfers and new examples of successful promotions.

“I think that many golf facility and resort managers know that women are important customers,” says Berkley. “But they try one thing – like a new lesson program – and if it doesn’t work, they give up. That’s not a winning strategy. Based on past seminars [this will Berkley’s third at the PGA Show], I think everyone – including the skeptic – comes away with the knowledge and conviction that they can succeed in attracting women golfers – and men, too. It’s all about having more women playing more golf and enjoying it more.”

Berkley is President of Berkley Consulting and the author of the 2003 text, Women Welcome Here: A Guide to Growing Women’s Golf, published by the National Golf Foundation. It was also the 2004 cover story about women’s golf for the PGA Magazine. Berkley writes the Women’s Golf page for Cybergolf, a special feature for women golfers.

For information about the Conference program at the PGA Show see “Conferences” on at Berkley will also moderate a Best Practice panel on Saturday afternoon at the Show.