Daly’s Blasts Fall Short

John Daly was in Niagara, Ontario, to promote his latest golf course design, Thundering Waters. While attending the course’s unveiling, Daly tried to put his name in the “Guinness Book of World Records” by driving a ball from Table Rock on the Canadian side across Niagara Falls to Goat Island on the American side, a distance of 355 yards.

Over 5,000 people were on hand to see the attempt. Unfortunately, they had to settle for a valiant but ultimately vain effort by “Big John.”

After promoting his Dunlop driver and Dunlop golf balls, Daly promptly hit 20 shots into the drink. While Daly can hit a ball 355 yards, his shots were beaten down by a heavy mist around the platform area.

A spotter with a camera on the American side never did see any balls land in the vicinity. But he did hear Daly's second shot smack against the cliff below. Sportsnet, the ESPN of Canada, recorded the hour-long telecast. Hooters sponsored the event and provided several Hooter girls for eye candy.

On the longest launch, his 15th try, Daly said, "I can't hit any better than this. I killed that. That's all I got."

Daly’s Thundering Waters is scheduled to open this September, just in time to host a Canadian Tour event. For additional information about the course, visit http://thunderingwaters.com.

Portions of the above report are courtesy of Michigan Golf News (http://www.michigangolfer.com).