Dancin' Dogg Golf Announces New OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

November 18, 2008. Dancin' Dogg Golf announced the release of its OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator today, which combines pinpoint accurate swing analysis with a new highly-realistic three-dimensional visual golf environment. "Our goal since the inception of the company has been to make it possible for golfers to have their own high-end simulator experience at home. With the development of the new OptiShot we have made this a reality," said Russell Edens, president of Dancin' Dogg Golf.

Until now, users of the Dancin' Dogg simulator played golf inside the EA Sports™ Tiger Woods PGA Tour© for the PC. "The combination of precise shot data and the world's most popular consumer golf game has proven to be a fantastic way to introduce players to the concept of indoor golf but the EA Sports game was designed as a game, not as a simulator. Now, our customers will enjoy playing the world's best golf courses in a true simulation environment," says Edens.

This new visual simulation environment, called "3DD Golf" was created by Dancin' Dogg's team of engineers with accuracies rendered to a standard within inches of real, bringing world class golf courses to life. The results are as visually real and accurate as simulation systems costing over $50,000.

The OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator's first replicated course is Torrey Pines in California. Two other world-famous courses are planned for the first release, and the company will request customer input to guide the subsequent course releases. Edens notes, "We will build according to what our customers most desire. We see every course release to be like opening a new gift. The library of courses will continually expand and what's best is that customers don't have to pay additional fees to receive the new courses as they are released."

The numerous features included in the $399.95 (U.S.) purchase price will be clearly seen as an advantage by OptiShot's first users. They will receive detailed swing analysis with the award-winning Practice Zone and just as before the EA Sports Tiger Woods game will be included. In addition, their OptiShot system will automatically be upgraded to the 3DD Golf experience when the final touches are completed. (The estimated release date is January 2009).

The OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator is sold through authorized golf retailers worldwide. Running demonstration units will be in stores very soon. For more information on OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulators, visit www.OptiShotGolf.com.

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