Dimple-less Golf Ball Now Available Online

June 9, 2008. If you are a serious, low handicap golfer, distance is the key. For the rest of us, Caesar Golf Company is shipping a revolutionary new ball that helps golfers consistently hit straight shots. It has no dimples. The smooth surface on the Caesar Featherie eliminates hooks and slices and it's finally available online.

"Dimples create lift at high velocities, increasing the distance a ball will fly, but they are also responsible for sidespin, a major cause of hooks and slices," explains Vin Lee, founder, Caesar Golf. "The Featherie flies straight. It lets the golfer enjoy the game. He can do strategic shot placement."

Designed for par-3 courses, resort and executive courses and golfers with a slower swing, Caesar Golf's new dimples ball gives golfers control. It lofts off the tee with a high number wood or hybrid. It's fabulous on the fairway within 100 yards of the pin. On the green, it rolls like a cue ball, straight for the cup.

Named for the original feather-stuffed ball used when the game was invented, the Featherie lets golfers set their line of sight and expect the ball to go there. Chip shots drop on a green like a normal ball, but the golfer doesn't have to plan for as much break.

The Caesar was invented by a pool player who also shoots a small handicap round of golf. One day, absent-mindedly rolling a standard golf ball with his hand across the pool table in his living room, Lee noticed that the dimples caused a slight wobble. He then watched a cue ball roll swiftly and surely into a pocket. Four years later, after working to get manufacturing just right, Lee is releasing the first balls on line. A performance ball, for short hand-cappers and long ball hitters, is planned for next year.

Caesar Golf Company's dimpless golf ball has the same weight and dimensions of a regulation ball. Caesar Featheries are available directly from the company's website at www.caesargolfcompany.com for $30 a sleeve of three balls.