DoskoSport Taps Cargo Golf Inventor To Head Golf Sales Team

Casey Homoly, the inventor of the Cargo Golf® PROSERIES 2-n-1 Travel Bags, has been named golf sales manager at DoskoSport™, a company based in Arlington, Texas.

“Casey brings a combination of product creativity and market strategy that we’ll use to grow our Cargo Golf business,” said Rob Morgan, DoskoSport’s executive vice president of marketing, sales and product development. “His experience and dedication to the Cargo Golf 2-n-1 Travel Bags make him an excellent fit for our team.”

Homoly created the innovative Cargo Golf travel bags in 2002 as a convenient alternative to bulky, heavy travel covers. He sold the manufacturing and marketing rights to DoskoSport in 2004 and consulted during the transition. As golf sales manager, Homoly will be active in further development and placement of the Cargo Golf line.

The Cargo Golf® PROSERIES 2-n-1 Travel Bags are marketed by DoskoSport™, a company whose quality cases have been protecting golf equipment, firearms, archery bows and photography gear for more than 40 years. Category-leading DoskoSport products include Golf Guard®, Cargo Golf®, Gun Guard®, Bow Guard® and Camera Guard®. Call 1-888-70SPORT or visit for more information.