Driving Women's Golf in England

To support the English Ladies' Golf Association (ELGA) strategy to increase the number of women and girls participating in golf, the English Golf Union (EGU) and ELGA are working together to implement their "Driving Women's Golf" initiative.

The EGU/ELGA Development Team has recently produced a "Women & Girls Golf" brochure to help guide and provide advice to golf clubs on how to recruit and retain more women and girls. Additional information is available at www.englishgolfunion.org/womenandgirls, where fact sheets and further guidance can be accessed and downloaded.     

Recent statistics from the EGU/ELGA 2006 Golf Club Membership Questionnaire identified that 85% of golf clubs have vacancies for female members (adults and juniors) and at least 70% of golf clubs are actively seeking more adult female and girl members.

Pauline Perla, ELGA Chief Executive Officer, "There has never been a better time for women and girls to get into golf, with clubs actively looking for female members. But we must all be as proactive as possible to make sure these opportunities are promoted. We hope that these latest resources will provide greater support to golf clubs and ultimately strengthen women and girls golf in England."

This initial source of information is set to be the foundation of the "Driving Women's Golf" campaign and further resources will be available from EGU/ELGA to help support golf clubs and women and girls looking to get involved in the game. All affiliated golf clubs and counties have been sent copies of the "Women & Girls Golf" brochure and further copies are available from the EGU/ELGA Golf Development Team.

"Driving Women's Golf" is a joint initiative of the EGU and ELGA, and it links to England golf's "Whole Sport Plan" and is an integral part of England Golf's vision to "Grow the Game."