Eco-Friendly Golf Shirt Made from Corn Added to the DWH Umbrella

January 21, 2009. MVP Textile announced today the company has formed a strategic alliance with Daymond Willis Holdings (DWH) of Guntersville, Ala.

"MVP Textile is an eco-friendly company, using energy efficient processes and tools to conserve our natural resources worldwide and the new Verterra Sport low carbon footprint golf shirt is a perfect fit for our vision," said Jason Moyer, VP Sales & Marketing for Verterra. "We are very pleased by the association with DWH Brands. DWH represents only the highest quality brands and revolutionary technology."

"Our combined vision is to bring high performance, low environmental impact products to the golf industry," said Mike Willis, President DWH Brands. "Many of golf's best customers are corporate clients who are either planning or sponsoring events. Today's corporations want to be an integral part of the green movement and we are committed to make that part of event planning easy."

MVP Textile is a major private label manufacture for some of the leading companies in the world based in Charleston, S.C. DWH Bbrands is a Guntersville, Ala.-based company which represents world-class brands such as Sunderland of Scotland, Peter Scott, Glenbrae and Stetson hats.

MVP Textile and DWH Brands are dedicated to quality, excellence and the planet. For more information about Verterra Sport, visit For more information about DWH Brands, visit, or contact 800/999-6599 (email: