Eco-Friendly Water Bottles from Tyent

September 18, 2012. A round of golf can last most of the day - and even if you speed around the links in a cart, you can be left feeling a bit dehydrated at the end of the day. Now you can have extended hydration at your fingertips with Tyent. Specifically designed to make sure you have the most-mineral rich water to keep you hydrated during your most intense round, the Tyent lines of water bottles are also eco-friendly.

Tyent Water Bottle

Perfect for golfers of any level, the Tyent H2Go water bottle contains a specialized filter that helps reduce unwanted minerals from regular tap water. Containing a central cartridge that contains alkaline minerals and magnets, the H2Go transforms your tap water into pH balanced alkaline (which contains smaller water molecules more closely clustered together for quicker, better absorption) water to keep you hydrated with healthy water while on-the-go. The bottle is available for available for $64.95.

For the eco-conscious golfer, Tyent offers the Goodlife stainless steel water bottle line, which are made of 18/304 stainless steel and 100-percent BPA-free plastic to ensure they contain no leaching toxins. The bottles feature a dual wall design and vacuum seal cap that allow liquids stored in the bottle to remain hot or cold for up to 24 hours, making sure you are never left thirsty. Durable, lightweight, reusable and recyclable, the Goodlife is available from $23.95.

For those looking to have alkaline water at home in addition to on-the-go, Tyent also offers a line of at home water ionizers that hook up to your kitchen faucet to provide you with pH balanced, highly-oxygenated, alkaline water and acidic water good for cleaning and sterilization. Available in under the counter and on-counter models, the home kitchen ionizers feature advanced water purification, temperature control, touch screen, antibacterial system, voice alerts and automatic cleaning.

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