Elizabeth City to Consider Muni Course

The city manager of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Steven Harrell, announced in April 2001 that he’d like to build a regulation-length municipal golf course. The city currently operates an 18-hole, par-3 track at Knobbs Creek Recreation Center. In his comments to the City Council, Harrell said, “Municipal golf courses are a cash cow. A golf course, after a while, does make money.”

The City Council agreed, authorizing the inclusion of $18,000 in the 2002 budget for a feasibility study. Harrell was aided in his presentation by Rod Smith of Value Golf Inc., a golf course construction company. Smith noted that his company could build an 18-hole course and a clubhouse for around $3 million. Harrell noted that Smith will probably be hired to conduct the feasibility study.

The 400-acre site is off Wellfield Road, and it currently houses water wells, a small public works building, antenna sites, and a firing ranged used by the Elizabeth City Police Department. If the course was built, Harrell said, it could be similar to the course at Goose Creek Golf & Country Club in nearby Grandy in Currituck County.