ESPN Host Recruiting 10,000-Plus Women to Play Golf

ESPN golf host, Shon Crewe, is recruiting the women you know to play golf. She is launching the "Get Golfing Girls!" (GGG) campaign, an initiative aimed at women who have never played golf, are currently playing golf or have been absent from the game to come back and play together. Through GGG's efforts, Crewe hopes to attract more than 10,000 women to get out and try golf at least once.

"GGG is taking a new approach when it comes to getting girls and women to play golf," said Crewe, founder of GGG. "As a woman, I am motivated and inspired by relationships. And as a golfer, I know that golf provides opportunities to connect with friends, family and partners in a way that no other sport does. Because women crave connection and a healthy lifestyle, I am challenging at least 10,000 women to try golf. I'm not expecting for everyone to fall in love with the game; I'm just hoping that women will give it a shot."

GGG is partnering with golf courses and practice facilities across the nation on events that will help draw women together and increase overall participation of the sport. Alongside these partnerships and in effort to get behind the PGA of America's Golf 2.0 initiative, GGG is also encouraging women to learn the game by participating in programs such as Get Golf Ready along with community golf events.

According to marketing research, women control over 65 percent of consumer spending. GGG hopes this effort will encourage women to spend some of their dollars on golf and boost the golf industry while enabling women to connect over a healthy activity that may help decrease hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. GGG sees this as a win-win-win for the economy, health and women.

GGG is using an online petition to track the number of participants and collect data that will help capture the demographics of the participants and what activities are motivating women to play. To sign the petition, visit more information about the campaign, visit