Film Chronicles Man's Quest to Play Professional Golf after 40

Jon Fitzgerald has a full-time job and full-time family commitments to go with an enduring full-time dream he's had as long as he can remember: to play professional golf.

Can an average 42-year-old husband and father of two become an elite athlete? Can he do it after beginning his own "back nine?" And once he starts the journey, what happens then?

Being a filmmaker, Fitzgerald decided to film the journey, a journey that became "The Back Nine" - a quest that tries answering the question: Can you fulfill dreams on the "back nine" of your life?

Fitzgerald couldn't wait to find out. He assembled the best team he could find to further his dreams, bringing in distinguished instructor Tim Suzor of the Kinetic Golf Academy in Scottsdale, Ariz., along with yoga guru and mental coach Katherine Roberts - a Golf Channel favorite - and a team of coaches to help with fitness and nutrition.

Cutter & Buck signed on to outfit Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, when Fitzgerald isn't putting on his Synlawn backyard putting green, he's working out at Evolve Fitness or hitting balls wearing an electronic gizmo called a K-Vest that captures and analyzes his swing through wireless sensors.

The hands-on process works as Fitzgerald sees his handicap go from 15 to 8 in the first year. Ready to test his progress, he joins Golf Channel's Amateur Tour and remarkably, manages to win in his first event. Later, he receives an invitation to the National Championships in Orlando, Fla. Fitzgerald currently plays to a 4 handicap as he works on fine-tuning not only his game and his life, but his dream through "The Back Nine."

With more than 200 hours of footage and two years under his belt, Fitzgerald's production team is putting the finishing touches on "The Back Nine," with an eye toward its release date later this year.

In addition to the feature length documentary, the DVD will include numerous extras, from specific tips that have helped him improve his game, to the stories and anecdotes from players, golf pros and industry experts.

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