First Episode of 'ClubHeads' Video Line Launched

September 19, 2011. Animated Golf Productions, LLC has announced the first installment of their youth-focused animated golf instructional video line "ClubHeads - Let's Learn the Golf Swing."

Using multi-dimensional, high-definition animation, this unique approach to golf instruction for children features 20-year PGA and LPGA golf professional Racquel Huslig along with a complete family of animated, golf-themed characters called the ClubHeads.

Together they lay the groundwork for kids to discover the game of golf at an early age. This episode is focused on the rules of golf, course manners and etiquette, proper grip and stance, ball position, pre-shot routine and the swing. In addition to the complete accuracy of these lessons, the lively animation and friendly banter between Huslig and the ClubHeads Gang foster continued engagement of its young audience throughout the 25-minute video.

"With the launch of this episode that highlights the importance of the golf swing, young golfers can start to hone their skills at home and extend the learning process beyond course time encouraging faster growth of the student golf technique," said Huslig, the owner of Animated Golf Productions, LLC and ClubHeads' creator.

"I am pleased to offer such a high-quality, animated product that is the first of its kind. Having taught and shared my love of golf with children for more than 15 years, I am thrilled to actualize my dream of creating an animated video that not only engages the imagination but also encourages the proper development of skills for future golfers."

"ClubHeads - Let's Learn the Golf Swing" highlights five main characters from the complete animated set of clubs with the likeness of a golf ball, driver, pitching wedge, golf bag and putter. Ace the Golf Ball plays an important role in this video as Huslig demonstrates the golf swing at his expense. Although shell-shocked, Ace is happy to share his experience with a young audience.

Ben the Driver loves nothing more than showing kids how to smash a golf ball off the tee. In addition, Poanna the Putter and Whiff the Pitching Wedge join in the fun with light-hearted additions peppered throughout Huslig's instruction. Frankie the Golf Bag adds wisdom and guidance to this rowdy gang of ClubHeads.

"ClubHeads - Let's Learn the Golf Swing" is now available at