Gary Player Design Debuts in British Columbia

Gary Player recently signed an agreement with Havaday Developments, Inc., to design two golf courses in Cranbrook, B.C., Player’s first projects in Canada. Planning and design work has begun on the first course, which will be marketed under the Black Knight brand and closely followed by a Gary Player Signature design – both of which are 18 holes.

The site in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies offers stunning views of pine tree forests and snowcapped mountains. The master plan includes some 3,000 residential components – ranging from single-family homes to golf villas and condos – as well as a village center and hotel. Amenities will include a spa, fitness center, pool, shopping areas, and a community recreation center for permanent and seasonal residents.

Following the contract signing in Palm Beach, Fla., Gary Player stated, "In all my years in the golf course design business, I've always searched for the right opportunity to work in Canada, and finally, the Havaday Development team has presented us with an immaculate piece of land. Any golfer will tell you that dramatic scenery truly enhances the golf experience, and you seldom find more spectacular views than we have of the Canadian Rockies at this site in Cranbrook."

Havaday Developments, Inc. builds communities that merge lifestyle with nature and fine amenities. Their philosophy runs parallel with Gary Player's ideals of preserving the environment and incorporating native features into a golf course whenever possible. The British Columbia project will integrate many natural elements into the design.

"The Havaday team is thrilled to be associated with one of the true living legends of the golf world – Mr. Gary Player," said Joel Savage, president of Havaday Developments. "After several meetings with select groups of golf course designers, we unanimously felt that Mr. Player's approach to business, as well as golf, was an excellent fit with our philosophy as a development company.

"The formal signing of the design contract between Gary Player Design and Havaday Developments has helped to position the development and this part of Canada as a serious destination contender, and we're extremely proud of the fact that we'll be the first to bring Mr. Player's integrity and experience as a golf designer north of the 49th parallel," Savage added.

Gary Player has plans to make his first trip to the site this September where he will review the site and participate in a groundbreaking media launch. With the recent announcement that Player will captain the International Team at the 2007 Presidents Cup in Montreal, it will be an active year ahead for golf in Canada.

Construction of the Black Knight design is expected to begin in late 2006, with the Gary Player Signature course following in 2007.