Golf and Ski Ranch Undergoes $100,000,000 Face-Lift

SolVista Golf and Ski Ranch, formerly the Silver Creek Golf & Ski Ranch, is in the midst of a $100-million revitalization project. The work at the Granby, Colorado resort includes an 18-hole, 7,200-yard championship golf course. The first nine holes are slated to open this summer, with the second nine in 2002.

According to Gretchen Bergen, spokesperson for the resort, the greens are positioned within stands of trees, with on-course obstacles including wetlands and native vegetation. Skirting the Fraser River, the course is designed by Michael Asmundson, whose previous credits include Chevy Chase in Port Townsend, Washington, and the Coeur d’Alene Golf Course in Idaho. He has designed the SolVista course to fit the land and, according to Bergen, “crafted the tee boxes and hazards to challenge the good players, while not being harsh on those who need a little help.”

Also under construction at the revitalized resort are more condominium units, retail shops, restaurants and hotels – all part of the new “Resort Village.” Six hundred acres will also be preserved for open space. For more information, call the SolVista Ranch at 970/887-0415.