Golf Industry Magazine for Australasia Making Inroads

April 27, 2009. The new Australasian online golf industry network magazine "Golf Industry Central" (GIC) is starting to develop a reputation as a "must-read" publication. Since launching in December 2009, the bi-monthly has grown in popularity and continues to attract new readers and interest as it explores new boundaries.

In this issue, golf industry analyst Jeff Blunden has written an in-depth article titled, The Challenges of New Golf Developments. In the article, Blunden highlights the mistakes made at some of these golf courses. It's a fascinating and eye-opening read.

And GIC chats with Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC) chair Max Garske about what the golfing body has been doing since promising to speak with "one voice."

Other topics of interest in this issue include:

An alternative to price discounting;
Golf's information highway;
New Zealand managers plan important forum; and
Occupational hazard hits New Zealand PGA boss.

Golf Industry Central director Mike Orloff said the online magazine was designed to complement the website. "The website was originally designed to help anyone interested in golf save time finding relevant industry information," said Orloff, a business consultant and golf course operations specialist.

"It connects the golf industry with a range of free services including up-to-date industry advice, an online industry forum, links to golf-related businesses, classifieds with golf items for sale, and careers pages with positions available in golf.

"The golf industry in this region is pretty fragmented and there is not a lot of cross-pollination of ideas between the different operational sectors. We invite visitors to share ideas and discuss current issues and challenges being faced throughout the industry. It is only through free-flowing discussion and sharing of ideas that the industry will become stronger," he said.

"The goal is to create an online community of people in the Australasian golf industry who will take ownership of the website by submitting stories and links that can be shared with the rest of the golf business community."

Orloff has more than 20 years' golf course management experience working with two of the biggest golf management companies - American Golf Corporation and ClubCorp. His experience has been invaluable for various levels of facilities from 2-star to 5-star operations in the USA and Australia. He can be contacted at 0415 682 259.

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