Golf Nut Society for Sale

Editor's Note: It's not every day that an offer like this comes along, but Ron Garland, the founder of the Golf Nut Society, announced in a recent email to members that he's selling the organization. After spending 20 years building the "society" on his own nickel, Head Nut No. 1 wants out. Here's a copy of the email he sent out to members earlier this week. If you're interested in his offer, contact details are provided below.

Golf Nuts,

The Head Nut (that's me) is riding off into the sunset . . . but the good news is that the Golf Nut Society is officially for sale and YOU could become the new "Head Nut"!

For over 20 years, I've had a great time providing entertaining reading to each of you, and more than a few of you have received your much deserved "15 minutes of fame." Some of you have even become worldwide celebrities. This is something for which I am very proud since from our founding in 1986. It has been the mission of the Golf Nut Society to provide humor, recognition, and competition for people who are "nuts" about golf.

I have spent thousands of hours developing the concept and delivering the content in a variety of ways over these past 20 years. When I first started the Golf Nut Society there was no such thing as the Internet or email. Everything was done by mail. Now we have a website and an email system that instantly delivers to your inbox the latest news about your fellow Nuts. Pretty cool.

We have grown strictly through word-of-mouth, and I did it all without any staff, except for an able assist on the order processing and membership fulfillment from Mrs. Head Nut (and she's not even a golfer!). Unfortunately, I have taken the Golf Nut Society as far as I can as a one-man, part-time operation with no marketing budget. I'd also like to start spending more time scoring Golf Nut points instead of tracking them since I was a golf nut long before I was The Head Nut.

The Golf Nut Society is a great business opportunity for the right individual. It has the potential to become a very large, worldwide association with a wide array of membership benefits, products, events, and services. The concept has been validated, the brand has been established, the media loves the concept, and you, my fellow golf nuts, seem to enjoy our unique culture. All it needs at this point is marketing capital and a dedicated, full-time effort by someone who has a passion for the game.

If you would like to be the owner of your own unique, one-of-a-kind, golf business this is your chance to do it! I have spent over a quarter of a million dollars over these 20 years building the Golf Nut Society, and am now selling all of the assets of the society for a fraction of that amount.

If you are seriously interested in owning the Golf Nut Society and would like to speak directly with me about it, (email me) with your phone number and I will be happy to talk to you. If one of you, my fellow Nuts, doesn't buy the Society, I will place it up for bid on eBay next week since I want the transfer to be completed by the end of May.

I hope that one of you is interested in taking over and continuing the operation. Nothing would make me happier.

Thanks for the memories,

The Head Nut

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