Golf to be in 2013 Canada Games

The Canada Games Council (CGC) has announced the final sports selected for the 2013 Canada Summer Games, to be hosted in Quebec. Official notice was received by the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) last week that golf was selected as an official sport of the Canada Games.

"The RCGA is honored that the CGC has selected the sport of golf to the 2009 and now 2013 Canada Games. As the National Sports Organization (NSO) for golf in this country, the RCGA truly believes that the Canada Games provides our high-performance golf athletes across Canada with a major benchmark for excellence." said Jeff Thompson, RCGA Managing Director, Player and Program Development.

For the 2009 Canada Games, the host province of Prince Edward Island selected golf as their "Host Choice" sport to be included in the Games. For the 2013 Games, golf was selected based on meeting set sport selection criteria. All sports wishing to be included in the 2013 Canada Summer Games are analyzed by the CGC's Sport Committee following a clear and objective sport selection process.

The Canada Games are important to the development of Canadian sport, and thus have evolved to the size where more sports vie for inclusion than any specific Games could possibly include. The overall guidance for the sport selection process comes from the Canadian Sport Policy, which states that the Canada Games are to assist in "increasing the quality and numbers of the next generation of national team athletes participating in international competition". In addition, the CGC is committed to equitable competitive opportunities for both males and females, and offering opportunities to athletes with a disability.

Eight sports were pre-selected to the Games based on meeting the sport selection process' enhanced criteria. An extra assessment was conducted by the Sport Committee on the remaining eligible NSO's which applied for inclusion.

The extra assessment included Provincial and Territorial ranking, Sport Canada ranking, a coaching assessment, international major games inclusion and NSO membership. New sports to the 2013 summer program include fencing and a new event in yachting for athletes with a disability. The CGC's Sport Committee also agreed to maintain the number of sports on the program for athletes with a physical and intellectual disability and to continue with the Female Apprentice Coach Program first introduced for the 2005 Summer Games in Regina, SK.

Other sports in the 2013 Canada Summer Games program that will join golf include:

* Athletics (male and female, including athletes with a physical and intellectual disability)
* Baseball (male)
* Basketball (male and female)
* Canoeing (male and female, flat water racing, includes canoe & kayak)
* Cycling (male and female, mountain bike)
* Diving (male and female)
* Fencing (male and female)
* Rowing (male and female)
* Soccer (male and female)
* Softball (female)
* Swimming (male and female, including athletes with a physical and intellectual disability)
* Tennis (male and female)
* Triathlon (male and female)
* Volleyball (male and female, indoor and beach)
* Wrestling (male and female)
* Yachting (male and female, including athletes with a physical disability)

The Sport Committee also named two sports for the 2013 bid committee selection: Cycling - Road (male and female), and Taekwondo (male and female). The bid committee that wins the right to host the 2013 Canada Summer Games will indicate to the Council its choice from the short-list of Road Cycling or Taekwondo.

The Canada Games Council will launch the 2013 bid process to select the host community in January 2008 in Montreal, Quebec.