June 7, 2007. In the words of GolfTRAC owners Roger Bock & Bob Kelly: GolfTRAC sets itself apart from all other circular full-swing trainers. Unlike other loop trainers that require a downward force causing you to come off plane which is unnatural to a normal golf swing, the Club Caddie allows the club to be completely free flowing as you train on the GolfTRAC.

Our experience proves that when using the GolfTRAC and our proven training program in conjunction with correct grip, stance and posture you will benefit with better balance, tempo, swing width and symmetrical arm swing allowing for a correct flowing golf swing. You will feel and learn to maintain consistent golf club positioning with correct foot and leg movement with proper transition from backswing to downswing creating a powerful clubhead release into a balanced finish position.

Your personal GolfTRAC Training program will allow players of all height and abilities to enhance their golf swings. The GolfTRAC can accommodate players both right- and left-handed.

We at Pure Golf LLP are dedicated to customer care and service of each and every GolfTRAC we produce. Our goal is to provide quality golf instruction and a fitness program for all levels, from the novice to the veteran golfer. It is our philosophy that by using our revolutionary GolfTRAC along with our training system or the supervision of a qualified GolfTRAC instructor you will accelerate the learning process in a more organized and efficient method. We believe The GolfTRAC belongs at all Practice/Learning facilities, Collegiate, Mini, PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour events to show the world we offer the best in golf instruction and fitness.

Bob Kelly, a 30-year member of the PGA of America, has worked with players of all abilities, regardless of age, from the beginner to the highest skill level. My playing experience has come from competing in Mini Tour and PGA Sectional events, as well as competing on the PGA Tour in 1977/78. Since 1998, I have been developing new teaching and training systems for the GolfTRAC that will enhance and accelerate the swing development of any golfer at any skill level. The GolfTRAC used correctly will allow an individual to improve flexibility, strength and endurance while isolating golf specific motion consistent with the golf swing. The GolfTRAC Training System will develop your swing plane, posture, balance, tempo, swing width, symmetrical swing motion, correct club face position, leg movement, downswing transition, club head release, and proper finish position in a highly organized and time efficient manner. It is my complete belief that the GolfTRAC, along with my proven GolfTRAC Training System, will improve your swing technique making your golf game a more enjoyable experience.

Flexibility - increase the range of motion in your trunk, hips & shoulders

Balance - improves your ability to maintain trunk posture allowing you to feel the correct swing plane position resulting in a complete and balanced golf swing

Cardiovascular - enhance your body's oxygen delivery output while increasing endurance that enables better concentration and focus

Strength - increase power & strength in golf specific muscle groups, improving speed & stability in your golf swing while helping to prevent injury

Organized & Time Efficient Training - allows you to make 150 to 500 correct swing repetitions in 10 to 30 minute training sessions.

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