Graveyard Golf In South Africa

Businessman J. Douglas Kurf has redefined golfing obstacles. Despite objections from the local citizenry, Kurf transformed a Durban, South Africa, cemetery into an 18-hole golf course. Durban elders sold the cemetery to Kurf to help ease the town’s financial troubles, and Kurf, a well-known eccentric, turned it into a golfing grounds.

The course runs throughout the large cemetery, using the headstones as obstacles, according to an article in The Weekly World News. “It’s a crying shame,” resident Delores Handow bellowed. “My late husband Virgil’s grave is right smack dab in the middle of the 11th hole! The golfers are banking off poor Virgil’s headstone to make their putts!”

Local hardware store owner, Jimmy Grandle, was also aghast over Kurf’s “unique” layout. “There are old guys in ugly checkered pants and stupid golf caps not 10 feet from where my grandmother is buried. Not only that, but if I want to visit her grave, I gotta pay 100 bucks just to get into the darned place. And I don’t even like golf.”

The morbid facility hasn’t upset all Durban residents, though. The peculiar tourist attraction has Sandra Feeney, owner of the Durban Diner, seeing green. “Heck, it’s bringing in a whole bunch of tourists,” she said. “As long as I’m making money, they can build a roller rink out there for all I care!”

Opposition from local citizens didn’t deter Kurf from taking on his eerie endeavor. “It doesn’t bother me a bit,” Kurf commented to the World News. “I got more flack when I built an 18-hole course on Native American holy land back in ’99.” He added, “Where else can you pay your respects to your loved ones while you work on your short game