Greetings from Cabo!

By: Jeff Shelley

Your loyal Cybergolf editor is now on vacation, but he hasn't forgotten you. My wife, Anni, and I are spending two weeks in Cabo, the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, and I'm going to take you along for the ride and the view, if you don't mind.

For the past 6 years, we've had a time-share at Hacienda del Mar, an outpost just east of Cabo San Lucas, that fun-in-the-sun place known for its wild tequila bars, sports betting parlors, marlin fishing marinas, illicit Cuban cigars, and dozens of fish and shrimp taquerias.

Oh yes, there's also world-class golf here. Where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez golf. It's like Scottsdale has been transplanted to the Caribbean. Golf here is a hole-after-hole approach-avoidance conflict. You peek through the branches of a giant Cardon cactus with a risky 5-iron and watch whales breach in the distance behind a sucker pin placement.

Though I've experienced some tinges of guilt, what with my fellow Cybergolfers plugging away up in the great Northwest while I'm worried about what type of suntan lotion I should slather on, I'm due for a break in the action. So here we are.

Yet I refuse to sit by idly as the golf world spins madly along. So I'll be posting dispatches from Mexico's outback, a thousand miles from the nearest American border.

We have golf lined up at the top three resorts in Cabo, with the added bonus of checking out Tom Fazio's new creation at a private club near San Jose del Cabo. My wife and I will be endangering our pale Seattle complexions in the 85-degree heat to play, in order, Cabo del Sol, Palmilla, Querencia Golf Club, and Cabo Real. If you're into numbers, that's 36, 27, 18, and 36 holes.

I'll be posting reports following our experiences at each of these places for golf. I'll give you a taste of the local flavor at each facility, while doing my best not to flaunt an "I'm-here-and-you're-not" attitude.

So here goes. I hope all's well in your neck of the woods.

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