Grigg Brothers Adds another Turf industry Vet to Technical Staff

April 3, 2008. Grigg Brothers Foliar Fertilizers in Twin Falls, Idaho, has named Michael Steve its Technical Representative for the U.S. Southwest.

Steve will be based in Wellton, Ariz., just outside of Yuma, and will cover Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern Utah, and the country of Mexico. His primary responsibility will be to support the distributor network through product education, fertility recommendations, agronomic support and promotional support.

Steve can be reached directly by calling 208/227-7034, or writing      

"I am very excited to be a member of the Grigg Brothers team," Steve said. "Griggs Brothers is an innovative company that has developed and incorporated unique characteristics into its products. I studied the university research and spoke with many distributors before I accepted the position. I heard a consistent message that the Grigg Brothers products and people were second to none."

Steve's first job in the turf industry was a groundskeeper at the Ohio Exposition Center, while he pursued a landscape horticulture degree at The Ohio State University in Columbus. From there he moved to The Davey Tree Co., working 10 years throughout the Midwest, initially as a lawn technician, sales and service representative, and finally as a district manager.

LESCO then hired him as a service center sales manager and later as a product manager; his tenure with the turf and pest-control products company lasted 18 years. His most recent position, before joining Grigg Brothers, was product manager with the Gowan Co., a provider of control products to the agriculture and turf & ornamental industries.

"We have been looking to hire Michael Steve for some time," said Vice President Gary Grigg. "He comes to us with an extensive agronomic and sales background that includes more than 25 years of sales, training, management and marketing experience in the green industry at the national, regional and local levels. In addition, his broad hands-on experience in the turf and ornamental industry will also be a major asset for our distributors and customers in the U.S. Southwest."

With input and testing from the country's top turfgrass universities and researchers, brothers Gary and Mark Grigg unveiled the firm's line of foliar fertilizers in 1995. The major advantage of foliar products is the speed at which turfgrass absorbs the material through its leaves, according to Gary Grigg, the company's chief agronomist, who boasts 40 years in the turfgrass-management profession.

The Griggs recognize the utility and value of both foliars and granulars, which is why they developed a line of granular, water-soluble fertilizers in 2005. Their granular products are built on the same proprietary protein technology as the foliar line. These high-performance, high-quality granular fertilizers provide the same exceptional nutrient uptake ability and are available in both fairway- and greens-grade granules.

For more information on Grigg Brothers products, foliar and granular, and a listing of distributors in your area, visit, or call 888/246-8873.