Hirzl Gloves Get a Grip

By: Wayne Mills

Those of us in the golf media regularly get bombarded with promotional pitches from public-relations people and companies trying to promote their products by getting editorial coverage. Most of the time there is much more sizzle than steak and they fall woefully short of having any significant advantage over existing products.

Swing Instructor Dave Pelz Wearing a Hirzl Glove

Once in awhile, however, something comes along that is different and better. One of those is Hirzl gloves.

Most golf gloves come from golf-equipment companies who also sell clubs, balls, hats, shirts and whatever else they can stick their names on. Gloves are just another product line for them and, for all I know, they're all made the same by the same factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh or China and they just stitch a different company label on them.

Not so with Hirzl. All they make is gloves and that's all they've ever done. They produce gloves for two sports only - golf and cycling. The Swiss-based Hirzl, with U.S. headquarters in Texas, makes their distinction in more than one way. They have proprietary glove technology with ergonomic design-scientific background on how hands are connected to sports equipment.

But the thing I found most beneficial is their use of unique materials, including kangaroo leather (for the palm) and cabretta/airtech mesh (backhand).

Since golf is a warm-weather sport in most locales, gloves that get sweaty and slippery are a problem. Since kangaroos don't have sweat glands, the glove palms don't get soaked in sweat. The 100-percent sweat-free palm has up to three times more grip in dry conditions and five times greater grip in wet weather.

If you need an endorsement, consider that 80 percent of the finalists in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships use Hirzl gloves. If you're swinging at 150 mph, having a secure, comfortable grip is pretty important. It's also the official glove of the Ladies European Tour.

Hirzl golf gloves are available in three styles: TRUST Control for the ultimate in grip; TRUST Feel for lower-handicap players and those seeking better grip and performance in all types of weather; and SOFFFT Flex for softness and long-lasting performance in a cabretta glove. All Hirzl golf gloves are available in men's and ladies models, in right- and left-hand sizes ranging from small to extra-large as well as cadet sizes.

All Hirzl gloves conform to USGA and R&A rules and are available at clubs and retailers worldwide. For more information, visit www.hirzl.com.

Wayne Mills is a New England-based freelance writer who has been producing golf stories for over 20 years. He has written for national publications such as Golf Inc. and superintendent-related, regional golf-lifestyle magazines and websites in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest and was a golf columnist for two daily newspapers. He has played over 700 golf courses from Canada to the Caribbean and from Cape Cod to California. He carries a single-digit handicap and has scored four holes-in-one.

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