Holmes' Brain Surgery a 'Success'

According to various reports, J.B. Holmes' brain surgery Thursday morning was a success. Dr. George Jallo performed the 90-minute operation on the two-time PGA Tour winner at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Dr. Jallo is a neurosurgeon and specialist in Chiari Malformation, the condition that Holmes was diagnosed with last week. Holmes' recuperation time was initially expected to take three months.

"Everything went great," said Holmes' manager, Terry Reilly. "There was significant pressure on the base of the skull. It was a lot tighter than what they thought from the MRIs. The doctors feel like it's really going to help him."

Added Reilly, "They think it's congenital and the procedure is very non-invasive. If everything goes according to schedule he could be hitting balls in a month."

J.B.'s father, Maurice Holmes, confirmed as much on J.B.'s Twitter account. "JBs Dad here," Maurice Tweeted. "Surgery went well. Doctor said everything went great and very optimistic. JB and family appreciate all the prayers and concerns."

Holmes started complaining of vertigo-like symptoms at the Players Championship in May.