Indiana Man Develops New Hand-Held Golf Ball Cleaner

Muncie, Indiana, April 13, 2005. Problem – solution . . . That's how Dale Matthews' mind works. So, while enjoying his newfound hobby of golf, he knew there had to be a better and easier way to clean a golf ball while out on the course. "It's a problem almost all golfers encounter. There has to be a simple way to wash a golf ball while playing on a course – anywhere or anytime, even when you're not near the golf course's ball washers," Dale explained.

"I like to be able to clean my golf ball at the green prior to putting. A clean ball rolls truer and helps your overall game. So, last October, I began developing a pocket-size golf ball cleaner for my own use that could be carried in a golf bag or with the golfer. Insert a dirty ball – and in a few shakes you have a sparkling clean golf ball. So, after much experimentation, the Shake'm Golf Ball Cleaner was invented and patented. I named the product and company Shake'm Golf, because of a few shakes is all it takes," added Matthews.

Married with two children and two grandchildren, Dale is a graduate of Cowan High School, south of Muncie, and has worked in manufacturing businesses for many years. He currently owns and operates Perfection Windshield Repair. The inventor has played golf for only five years, but now likes to play at least twice a week, primarily at Crestview Golf Course, a public course in Muncie. You can bet that he'll be carrying his Shake'm golf ball cleaner as a "secret advantage" with him each time he plays. Typically, he cleans his golf ball on the greens and on the way to the next tee station.

His Shake'm golf ball cleaner is about to go commercial, as his patented product is being manufactured and marketed by a local company, Worldwide Technologies,LLC. The product is being manufactured in Muncie from components produced in the U.S.

When asked about the biggest challenges he faced in getting the golf ball cleaner to the market place, Matthews answered, "Getting all the marketing tied together to launch the product – name, labels, logo, packaging, website, photos, sales materials, methods of distribution, being sure we were completely organized to launch the product – since you only get one change for a good first impression. The most exciting part was having good people to work with, that have great ideas and business experience, and are willing to lay it on the line to make it all happen."

Leading the new product development team that helped Dale bring his new product to market is Ted Baker, managing partner of Worldwide Technologies.

Baker said of Matthews' new invention, "When I first saw the Shake'm golf ball cleaner, I held it in my hand and just smiled. In that brief moment, I knew Dale had a great idea and this product would really work."

"Dale has been great to work with, and even with his tremendous enthusiasm for his new product, he's been very patient in this process. It has been a great experience bringing the Shake'm golf ball cleaner to market." Baker said.

Other members of the product development team include Chris Meyer and Jan Miller of the Worldwide Technologies staff; Tom Farris, Muncie-based marketing professional; Label Tech; Printing Creations; plus Rajeev and Karen Karki.

The Shake'm golf ball cleaner is being marketed through golf pro shops, golf specialty and sporting goods stores and other outlets. The product can be customized for business promotions, golf outings and other events.

“When I designed the Shake'm, I made it where it will hold three golf balls to make a sleeve of balls,” Matthews said. “This will make a great unit a sleeve of balls plus a ball cleaner. This will be a great catch for one of the ball manufactures.”

Suggested retail price for the all-American product will be $3.95. More information about the Shake'm golf ball cleaner can be obtained at, or by contacting Chris Meyer at Worldwide Technologies at 765/747.2772.

Regarding future plans, Matthews said, "I want to watch the product grow, come out with other products, spend more time with my family and, of course, play more golf."

What advice would he offer to people who have an ideas for an invention? Dale replied, "Do not assume everyone is going to think your product will be a success. Get good advice from professionals. Believe in God, yourself and your product. Go for it!"