Launches First 3-Piece Urethane Golf Ball with Tungsten Core

December 11, 2013, announces the launch of The Ball - a three-piece urethane-tungsten core golf ball that provides added distance off the tee with increased feel around the green. Combining the core of a distance ball with the makeup of a high performance ball, The Ball enables you to get maximum distance off the tee without losing the feel or spin. The Ball conforms with USGA Rules and is priced at $10 less than other premium balls on the market, performing at the same level - if not better - as determined by an independent testing facility during months of prototype testing. So, you'll outdrive your friend - then stick it close with the ultimate control.

The Ball by

"There's a real absence in the market for affordable, high-performance golf balls, and we wanted to bring something new and innovative to the sport," said Glen Sutton, former PGA professional and co-founder of "The Ball is priced below other premium golf balls - but outperforms them in distance and other key performance metrics."

Swear by your Pro V1® or your Lethals? Here's how The Balldiffers:

• Distance - The Ball offers superior distance off the driver for everyone from the weekend warrior to the touring professional. How? Its exclusive tungsten core design increases the speed of the ball off the clubface - adding five-plus yards to a players' drive.

• Durability - The Ball has a patented urethane cover that is one of the softest on the market - but is slow-cured to add serious strength. Annoyed that your $5 ball is torn up after your 50-plus-yard wedge shot? So are we.

• Price - The ball retails for $10 less than other premiums balls on the market at $34.99 per dozen - and has a money-back guarantee. Don't like its performance after 30 days on the course? You'll get a full refund.

The Ball has also received praise from golfers like Kate Hughes, former LPGA tour player and blogger at, who noted, "I loved the way I could control the spin around the greens. I could throw up a 'Freddie Couples' flop shot and land it dead on a dime. That tells me this ball has some serious staying power and can compete with any golf ball on the market."

Complete with a distinctive appearance and sleek black packaging, The Ball lets you try cutting edge golf technology and see how it stacks up against the leading brands with a risk-free, 30-day trial. Want to be in-the-know and join the club? Visit or check out the brand's latest news on Twitter and Facebook.


Started by three high school buddies who reunited, the company develops high performance golf balls - putting a new spin on tradition in both construction and looks. The company hit the fairway with its first product, a three-piece urethane-tungsten core ball, which provides added distance off the tee with increased feel around the green. Competitively priced, offers the only money-back guarantee in golf. For more information or to purchase, visit