Juneau Golf Project Takes Major Step Forward

On Monday night, January 10, 2005, the Juneau City and Borough Assembly unanimously approved a 35-year lease for city land that will allow Totem Creek Inc. to pursue financing to build an 18-hole golf course in Alaska's capital city.

The lease also includes a provision for a 10-year option that allows Totem Creek to buy all surrounding real estate at present day (undeveloped) fair market value.

The site for the community's first 18-hole course is on the west side of Douglas Island, connected by bridge to Juneau. The site is in a "rain shadow," receiving about half the annual precipitation as downtown Juneau (46 inches versus 92 inches). The only golf course in Juneau is a nine-holer, but its location on tide flats prohibits improvements or expansion.

Over 850,000 cruise ship passengers visited Juneau in 2004, and another 150,000 visitors arrived by other means. Juneau has a year-round population of about 33,000.

For more information about this golf project, contact Peter Metcalfe, President, Totem Creek, at 907/586-1166, 907/723-3483, or via email at metcom@gci.net.