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Another apology, more sponsor statements and John Daly occupy today's Tiger Woods headlines. Here are the latest updates.

Tiger Says Sorry to Other Parents at Pre-School

According to an Orlando television station, WFTV, Woods apologized to parents of children at the pre-school his 2-year-old daughter attends. The station said it obtained a letter that Woods and his wife, Elin, wrote to parents of kids who go to Premier Academy apologizing for increased media scrutiny around the school.

"We hope that the paparazzi will find something better to do with their time in the near future," the letter said.

The station did not say when the letter was sent.

During last Friday's now-famous press "event" at PGA Tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Woods lashed out at the media for hounding his family, including his daughter Sam.

"However, my behavior doesn't make it right for the media to follow my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter to school and report the school's location," Woods said last week. "They staked out my wife and they pursued my mom. Whatever my wrongdoings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone."

P&G CEO Can't Hazard a Guess for Woods' further Involvement with Company

The CEO of Procter & Gamble Co., Bob McDonald, said he doesn't know whether Woods will ever appear in another Gillette commercial. But he wishes Tiger the best in his efforts to work on family issues, after Woods' public apology for infidelity last week.

"He doesn't need to be distracted by using his advertising, and we don't need the distraction by us using the advertising, either," McDonald told the Associated Press.

P&G unit Gillette signed Woods to a contract in 2007; company officials have declined to say its length and value.

Big John Says Woods to Play in Masters

Though he doesn't claim to have inside information, John Daly believes that, despite what Woods indicated last week, the world's No. 1 golfer will return to play the Masters in April.

"I honestly think he's not going to miss the Masters," Daly told Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune in a telephone interview to promote his new Golf Channel reality series called, "Being John Daly."

"That place is too special to him. He won his first major there and he hugged his dad there."

Daly said he thinks it would be good for Woods to return to the PGA Tour sooner rather than later. "Hopefully he plays Bay Hill (in late March) and the Masters. And I hope he brings his wife and kids with him to show the world that they're together.

"When he starts playing again, there are going to be some hecklers; I've dealt with them," Daly told Greenstein. "But most fans don't really care about his personal life. They just want to see him play the game of golf. Yeah, he did something bad for him and Elin.

"But he didn't drink and he's not on steroids, like he said. Nobody got hurt; I don't know if the steering wheel hit his mouth when he got banged up in the (SUV) wreck. He didn't break the law by any means. So just go on. We want to get him out there."

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