Less Than Perfect Golfers UNITE!

July 25, 2012. Admit it. You're one of us, aren't ya? If you play the game of golf then there is over a 96 percent chance that you are. Quit living in denial and shout it out loud . . . I am a Less Than Perfect Golfer.

We feel your pain and we're here for ya. We won't look down on you for shooting in the 100s, chili-dipping and taking a divot so deep you could bury a minivan in it or anything else we've all been known to do on a golf course.

We are the LTPGA - Less Than Perfect Golfers Association.

Less Than Perfect Golfers are the main body of golf. We are the reason they keep making new equipment and building new courses. Without us mere mortals there would be no golf on television or such large purses at tournaments.

We have been living with our heads down for far too long. It is time to stand tall and UNITE! Accept your flaws and get back to enjoying the game as it was meant to be enjoyed. It's 4-5 hours of your life that nobody is asking anything of you. No; Hey honey can ya . . . Hey Dad, would ya. Nothing! There is nothing but you, your friends, the birds (and for a lot of us, the squirrels in the woods), beautiful skies, green grass and the ball.

Why pay large sums of cash to have fun and then get all ticked off because of a slight change of plans? Hey, OOPS! It happens! In the grand scheme of things it's no big deal.

Relax, let it flow! That is the way the best do it and they put on their pants one leg at a time just like us. Okay, maybe they put both legs in at once and jump off the couch or have a butler helping them, but I digress.

Celebrate the great shots and let the Less Than Perfect ones go. Forget 'em and get on with it. There is absolutely nothing that you can do about those.

We are here to help you remember that instant amnesia after a shot that seems to have a mind of its own is your friend.

Remember that you're just "Workin' on it." and keep chugging along.

You are the LTPGA because "It's everybody's golf club."

We are new to the world and need your help to grow into something real. We don't want to just be a kitschy marketplace, we want to have real-life benefits for your membership. Please visit our crowd-funding request at www.fundable.com/ltpga. Take a minute now to check out the video, our offerings, maybe make a donation and, by all means, please tell your friends.