Maximize Your Swing Speed & Improve Distance with the Swing Whistle

February 4, 2013. If you have trouble with casting, coming over the top, hit it fat or lack clubhead speed, Swing Whistle is for you. It provides instant multi-sensory feedback to train your swing to have maximum speed AT IMPACT and can correct many or all of these swing flaws.

The Swing Whistle

Its simple physics, however. You swing the club or whatever swing philosophy you have, you need to produce maximum speed at impact. Swing Whistle will help train effective clubhead speed and proper mechanics for a more sound golf swing.

Swing Whistle Benefits

Instantly alerts you where your maximum clubhead speed is, your swing should WHISTLE AT IMPACT!
Corrects "casting" and "fat shots" identified by an "early" whistle

Trains timing, tempo and effective clubhead speed
Identifies off-center hits - the whistle will twist on the hosel
Works with your own equipment
Compact and inexpensive, fits in your golf bag
Multi-sensory feedback to maximize your swing fundamentals.

The Swing Whistle is priced at $19.95. For more information or to order online, visit