McCormick Woods Keeps Players on Their Toes

McCormick Woods' 18-hole championship public golf course, which first opened for play in 1987, has become one of the best known and most respected in the Northwest. The unique five-tee placements per hole makes the course enjoyable and challenging for play at all levels.

The tree-lined, wooded fairways, unique water hazards, and large gently contoured greens have gained McCormick Woods high rankings among golfing's most respected sources. In 1997, Golf Digest rated McCormick Woods the #5 golf course in Washington.

Challenging Holes
McCormick Woods’ is known as both a scenic and challenging course. The following are brief synopses of what you can expect from some of the holes:

#4: This par 3 hole will keep you on your toes. From the back tees the hole measures 235 yards and a much kinder 158 yards from the whites. The pin placement plays a large factor in determining the strategy for this hole. The key is to get your tee shot on the correct level while avoiding the pond in front of the green. If the pin is up-front left, watch out for both the water in front and the bunker in the back. It is only 15 paces from the front of the green to the back bunker. If the pin is in back, take a extra club or maybe two as the green is 40 yards long and 24 yards long on the upper level. Good Luck!

#5: This is a thinking golfers hole. The key to this hole is the tee shot. It is very important to know your tee yardage to the lake and have a plan for this short but challenging hole. Take note of these yardages; from the back tee it's 223 yards to the front of the lake, and the white tees you only have a short 173 yards to the lake. The tee is elevated so remember to take one less club off the tee. The book says lay-up short of the water and don't even mess with it. You only have around 150 to 160 yards to the green from the edge of the lake. For those of you who are a little more aggressive this hole can yield some birdies. Take your tee shot at the trees on the right with a draw. It's only 83 yards from the end of the fairway.

#12: The 12th hole has a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier from the tee. Don't be too distracted as you have a lot of golf waiting for you. The "know your yardage" theme continues. The placement of the tee shot is critical here. You have 242 yards from the back tee to the left bunker and 219 yards from the white tee. The "garden spot" is right between the lake on the right and bunker on the left. From this point it's only 100 yards to the center of a very narrow green. The green has 3 subtle tiers so be sure to get your approach shot on the right level for your birdie putt!