Moe Norman Passes

Congestive heart failure apparently claimed the life of an icon whose swing is emulated by tens of thousands as taught through the Natural Golf swing system. Moe Norman, the Canadian golfing legend who many people affectionately called "the Rain Man of Golf," was 75 at the time of his death in Kitchener, Ontario.

Norman, who lived in an assisted living facility near his hometown of Kitchener, was taken to a nearby hospital early on the morning of September 4, but died shortly after arriving at the hospital, according to friends. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Norman was considered one of golfís best-ever ball-strikers by his professional peers. He had been suffering from congestive heart failure for the past few years and, earlier this winter, barely survived a case of double pneumonia. During the past two weeks, friends said he was having severe difficulty breathing and sleeping.

"Moe Norman was our champion on a personal and professional level," said Andrew Wyant, President and CEO of Natural Golf Corporation. "His personality and approach made him a bright, bold light in golf. He was devoted to the game and wished for a world where everyone could experience the simplicity he knew so well.

"His later years have been marked by a commitment to supporting junior golf and a great satisfaction that his teachings were beginning to spread," Wyant said. "We will honor his memory by continuing to tell the world about this special man and his contributions to the good of the game."

For more than 13 years, Natural Golf has taught the simple and effective swing that Norman first taught himself more than 50 years ago. During that time, more than 200,000 golfers throughout the United States and Canada have adopted the Natural Golf swing.

During his career, Norman was a two-time Canadian Amateur champion (1955, 1956), earning him trips to the Masters, and won more than 20 professional championships in Canada. He closed out his professional career by winning seven out of eight Canadian Senior Open Championships between 1980 and 1987. He was elected to the Royal Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1995.

An extremely shy yet eternally optimistic person, Norman always emphasized the positive in the game he loved. "Be your own best friend Ė have a good attitude," he would say when putting on demonstrations at golf courses in Canada or Florida, where he would live during the winter months. "Golf isnít supposed to be work. Itís to have fun. So have fun!"

Norman pioneered the swing technique taught by Natural Golf Corporation, a company headquartered in Mount Prospect, Ill. The Natural Golf swing eliminates much of the hip and body rotation of conventional swings and creates a simpler, easier to learn, more "natural" motion. The system emphasizes its four fundamentals of using a palm grip, a wider stable stance, Single-Plane setup and facing the ball at impact during the golf swing.

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