New Definition of ‘Marshal’ On Golf Course

A sheriff's deputy may end up learning a valuable lesson in patience as he faces trial for allegedly pulling a gun on the golfers ahead of him at Los Serranos Golf and Country Club in Chino, Calif.

Orange County Sheriff's Reserve Deputy Raymond Yi faces two counts of assault with a firearm and two counts of making criminal threats for allegedly pulling a gun on golfers and flashing his badge during a game in July. Prosecutors say Yi grew frustrated over the speed at which Marcelo Bautista, 35, a teacher from Los Angeles, and Gustavo Resendiz, 61, were playing and apparently thought a gun would speed up their game.

"When I saw him cock his gun, something fell out and my mouth dropped," Bautista said at an October 17 preliminary hearing. "I couldn't believe this was happening on a golf course."

According to Bautista, the confrontation with the 44-year-old Yi began when the officer hit two balls toward him and Resendiz. Bautista said he then hit one ball back at him, prompting Yi to leave and return with his gun and badge.

"I thought I was gonna be killed right then and there," Resendiz said at the hearing. Yi's attorney, John Barnett, cast doubt on the allegations of Bautista and Resendiz, arguing that there are discrepancies between their stories and the police report. However, Superior Court Judge Raymond Youngquist found there was ample evidence to proceed with a trial.

Youngquist has ordered Yi not to have contact with the golfers. He is scheduled to be arraigned November 1.