New Golf Lifestyle Show Targets Young, Urban Demographic

February 8, 2012. Avid and professionally trained golfer, music producer and hip hop artist, Wyeth Barclay, aka "Dub B," announces the concept for his new television series "Above Par." The reality show remixes the classic world of professional golf with Barclay's urban influence and musical culture, exposing the connection between the two from the backdrop of the world's finest country clubs and golf courses.

"My vision for the show started with a desire to channel the 'above par' lifestyle to pop culture and a current younger generation, inspiring them to discover the infinite pleasures and destinations within and surrounding the great game of golf," said Barclay. "From interviews with designers and architects, to rounds of golf with fellow musicians and celebrities, I've worked with and golfed alongside some awesome icons to unlock the mysteries of above par life."

With a mission to expose youth who are saturated in the musical world to the game of golf, "Above Par" provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world's most elite and exquisite country clubs and public courses. Exploring clubhouses, restaurants and communities, Barclay joins celebrities and sports figures on the greens, and together they unveil to viewers the beauty, allure and appeal of the lifestyle.

Since childhood, Barclay, 28, has enjoyed the game of golf and the hip-hop music scene. In addition to winning a High School State championship, multiple junior golf competitions and WJGA tournaments, Barclay also won three consecutive Junior Club Champion titles at his home course in Washington State. He was invited to multiple golf camps and programs, including Arizona State University, University of Washington, Stanford and Yale.

At age 18, Barclay opened his own recording studio and toured the nation as a hip-hop artist. Now revisiting his roots as a professionally trained golfer, and inspired by his love for the game, Barclay wanted to create a show that would humanize golf and broaden the viewership of golf, without the boundaries of class, ethnicity and age. Additionally, he wanted to bring the world of golf and its lifestyle to more relevant demographic that is saturated in the hip hop lifestyle, culture and music. In preview segments of "Above Par," Barclay plays with and interviews celebrities including rap pioneer Kurtis Blow, MLB player Evan Longoria, PGA Tour winner Bubba Watson, actor Kurt Russell and more.

View the brand new "Above Par Sizzle" show segment, featuring interviews on the courses with celebrities including, former NFL pro Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving, rock music icon Alice Cooper and others, on "Above Par"'s YouTube channel: For more information about "Above Par," visit For more information about Dub B's music, visit