New Grigg Bros. Fertilizer, ZeroPhos™, Removes Phosphorus from Equation

"Some states have become increasingly concerned with phosphate impact, although with our products we do not use synthetically or chemically derived phosphate material," said Grigg Brothers Vice President Gary Grigg, a 40-year veteran of the turfgrass industry. "But that doesn't get around the fact that some states are worried about phosphates working their way into the water table, streams, lakes or soils. To deal with those concerns, we took our popular 7-7-7 product, called 7-Iron, removed the phosphates and have re-introduced it as ZeroPhos™, a 7-0-14 formulation.

"We continue to offer 7-Iron, and it's a great product. But we see the introduction of ZeroPhos™ as another useful tool for turf managers."

This latest innovation from Grigg Brothers, based in Albion, Idaho, is a multi-purpose plant food and starter fertilizer, a pre-plant and soil-conditioning product specially designed for effective use in spring and fall, even the heat of summer.

The special 7-0-14 formulation is particularly well suited to environmentally sensitive areas. It contains micronutrients specially formulated with sucrates, or sugars, that are absorbed much more quickly than those in traditional lawn fertilizers. It is especially effective when applied in conjunction with aerification, as it increases recovery time. It offers sustained, even feeding that means more controlled growth with less frequent mowing and fewer grass clippings.

Yet ZeroPhos™ also stands out for its organic capabilities. It contains all-natural "signaling molecules" (glycoprotein elicitors) from Bio-Start Ltd., a cutting-edge bio technology partner of Grigg Brothers based in New Zealand. Signaling molecules target beneficial fungi. These micro-sized fungi attach themselves to growing roots and extend the availability of nutrients.

Turfgrasses naturally produce signaling molecules in the form of root exudates which contribute to beneficial fungal populations in the soil. However, chemicals, some fertilizers and heavy traffic can disrupt these signals. ZeroPhos™ supplements a plant's supply of signaling molecules.

"All our granular products are designed to make real improvements in the visual quality of turfgrass. In other words, we're trying to make it green and make that green color last a long time," Grigg added. "We firmly believe that one way, maybe the best way to keep it green is to improve the health of the plant. It's all about the visual quality and health. All our products are designed to do those things. We would not have introduced ZeroPhos™ if it did not achieve those base-line goals."

Gary Grigg is chief agronomist for Grigg Brothers. He has 40 years in the turfgrass management profession and continues to travel the country speaking to superintendents and turf managers about the art and science of turf care. He will present a seminar at the 2008 Golf Industry Show - alongside Roch Gassoin, PhD, Professor & Extension Turfgrass Specialist at the University of Nebraska's Department of Agronomy and Horticulture - on the subject of "The Science and Philosophy of Foliar Nutrients". That seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 30, 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

With input and testing from the country's top turfgrass universities and researchers, brothers Gary and Mark Grigg introduced Grigg Brothers first line of fertilizers in 1995. Their line of granular fertilizers debuted in 2005.

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