New Jackson Hole Golf Projects in Abeyance

The Teton County Planning Commission is proceeding slowly – too slowly for some residents – in its adoption of a county-wide plan for new golf courses. The county currently does not have regulations defining the development and construction of golf courses, so the commission wants to move deliberately as the laws will affect all future golf-related projects.

Of immediate interest is an 18-hole golf course and 50-home subdivision proposed by Dick Edgcomb. Edgcomb’s Canyon Club, Inc. is proposed for property located in the environmentally sensitive Snake River Canyon. Canyon Club isn’t the only project that would be affected by the new regulations. Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis is proposing a remodel of its course, and new projects are in the planning stages at Teton Village and on the Porter Estate. As of September 2001, the county hadn’t released a timetable for its final golf course regulations.