New Online Golf Magazine Focuses On Baby Boomers

December 7, 2007., a new online golf publication targeted at Baby Boomers - those born between 1946 and 1964 and numbering 78 million strong, has hit the Internet.

"We are the offspring of 'The Greatest Generation' as Tom Brokaw called our parents and are fortunate enough to be able to play the 'World's Greatest Sport.' We hope those of you in the Baby Boomer club find that the news and feature stories on our site contribute to your enjoyment of this wonderful game," writes longtime golf journalist and publisher/editor Peter Blais, a Boomer going on 54 years.

Most golf publications focus on the efforts and accomplishments of the world's elite players, the majority of whom are in their 20s and 30s. While chronicling and proud of the exploits of Vijay Singh, Jay Haas and other Boomer-aged players who still play competitively on the top tours, aims its editorial content at matters of concern to recreational Boomer golfers and how to play the game. The online magazine's departments include news, courses, travel, equipment, instruction, health, apparel, real estate, and yes, even the pro tours, with articles written in a fashion that will make the game more enjoyable for Baby Boomers (although Boomer wannabes are welcome to visit as well).

"During my last 20-plus years as a golf journalist," Blais continued, "I noticed there was little written about golf as it is played by the vast majority of those who proudly call themselves 'Baby Boomers.' It is the wondrous variety of playing venues and the people with whom we choose to spend four to five hours playing a round of golf that make this game great. While none of us will ever hit the ball like Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam, that does not stop us from enjoying the game as much, if not more so, than the best players the professional tours have to offer.

"There is no typical Baby Boomer. Some of us are still raising children who hopefully share our enthusiasm for the game and are frequent members of our weekend foursomes. Others have sent children off to college or the job market and find tuition and rent subsidies take a good-sized bite out of our golf budget. Still others, traveling as a couple or part of a group, find golf to be the focal point of our vacations or weekend activities. And the oldest of us will be eligible for Social Security in 2008. But we all share a passion for golf and hopefully that will come through in the website's content."

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