'One Nation Under Par' by Mark Nemcek

By: Dr. John Wagner

The back cover of this book promises it's a funny and fast-paced story which hits a hole-in-one for virtually anyone with an interest in politics, sports, gambling, music, mild levels of absurdity and, oddly, unusual pet tricks. After reading about 25 pages, I felt I was on the verge of a triple bogey.

The story starts with a pro trying - for the 20th time - to qualify for the PGA Tour. He has a one-shot lead going into the last hole to win the qualifying tournament. But he blows a short birdie putt after spotting a drunken, well-endowed blonde alongside the green who fills his mind with thoughts of sex. This is a guy who has been trying to make the Tour for 20 years!

He later meets the blonde in a bar, ends up in bed with her (she's a hooker), and awakens to find out he married her during their drunken evening. The next morning, while eating breakfast, they meet a local radio announcer who watched them the night before. The announcer, Longshot (now that's original), proposes to the couple that Jeff, our pro, should run for President of the United States.

At this point, I feel a need to drop the book as the tale is too tall and has no literary value. Yet I dutifully skim the remaining contents to see if there's a plot. I learn that Jeff falls in love with his wife (like the movie, "Pretty Woman," but lacking the class of that romance), he becomes president and saves the world.

Based on the bland story and the trite plot, I think this book is way over par.

"One Nation Under Par" by Mark Nemcek, Publishtogo Publications, ISBN 0-9745110-6-4

Dr. John Wagner has been a Seattle dentist for 37 years. He's been published in several dental journals as well as had several articles appear in the turf magazine for Pacific Northwest golf course superintendents. John has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington Business School for several years and as a guest lecturer for several dental societies. Dr. Wagner is the co-designer (with Steve Shea of the Berger Partnership) of a golf course in Japan that cost over $120 million and was built by Wadsworth Golf Construction. He's a Past President of the Washington State Golf Association and a Trustee of the Pacific Coast Golf Association. John is currently a Member of the USGA Green Section and a Director of the WSGA.