One-Armed Golfer Cards Second Ace

A 74-year-old, one-armed man recently made his second hole in one. Art Baird used a 5-iron to ace the par-3, 135-yard seventh hole at the Municipal Golf Course in Clovis, N.M. Baird’s first hole in one was shot in Apache Junction, Ariz., in 1991.

After Baird lost his right arm in an accident in 1952, he began swinging a golf club to strengthen his left wrist. “Then, one of my friends decided that as long as I could swing a club, I might as well go to a driving range,” said the Clovis resident.

After several visits to the driving range, Baird began playing golf regularly in 1966. Since then, he’s also learned how to bowl, play tennis and shoot pool with his left arm. It looks like the avid fisherman landed another big one with his second career ace.