Orem Plans Municipal Course

The city of Orem is moving forward with plans to build a municipal course. City officials approved a contract in late-April 2001 with Golden Landscape, a construction company that had acquired the project. Thanksgiving Point Builders were originally slated to build the course when it was first proposed in 1997. But the original proposal, which included the course as well as softball diamonds and soccer fields, changed when the recreational areas were separated from the plan and built on another site.

Golden Landscape acquired the contract to build the course, and Orem officials were expected to approve the new contract with the company. The $5.3 million course, to be financed by a revenue bond, will be built on 192 acres at Lakeview Park. Housing lots may be built around the as-yet unnamed course in the future. If all goes well, construction on the course may commence early this summer.