Orender to Promote Golf to Women

The PGA of America has engaged Donna Orender as a consultant to lead Golf 2.0's "Connecting with Her" strategy, a key component in the industry's overall goal of reaching 40 million golfers by 2020.

Golf 2.0 is the new long-range strategic plan for the golf industry to substantially increase the number of golfers, the rounds of golf played and the revenue generated from golf over the next decade among current and potential consumers of the game.

Orender, who served as Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) President from 2005-10, after working 17 years with the PGA Tour, is the founder of Orender Unlimited, a marketing, media and strategy company in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. In her consulting role with Golf 2.0, she will steer industry efforts to grow women's golf participation; identify and shape female-specific programming; and create a welcoming environment for more women to enter the game.

Orender will also guide the establishment of partnerships with top women's organizations to leverage knowledge and resources in support of facility adoption and programs. In addition, Orender will position golf as an anecdote for women achieving balance in their busy lives, all the while pursuing good health, business networking, and family time in a fun-filled environment.

"The PGA is thrilled to retain Donna Orender to lead in the strategic development of our 'Connecting with Her' initiative for Golf 2.0," said Darrell Crall, PGA senior director, Golf 2.0, for the PGA of America.

"Donna's expertise in steering the growth of women's sports at the highest level will be critical in guiding the golf industry, as we tap new initiatives to appeal to women, who represent our game's fastest growing demographic."

Among Orender's many accolades are being named to the 2005 Sporting News' Annual Power 100, 2005 Fox Sports.com's 10 Most Powerful Women in Sports, and the 2007 BusinessWeek's Power 100 Sports lists.

"Donna Orender's name is synonymous with the growth of women's sports nationwide," added Crall.

"We are delighted that she will serve as an advocate in the development of new programs for women to positively connect with the game of golf." "I'm excited by this incredible opportunity to make a difference in people's lives through the game of golf," said Orender.

"Our goal is to build dynamic and engaging growth- of-the-game programs that passionately appeal to women on both a personal and professional level."